Bringing the black locust into the forest

Construction is moving right along in the aerial park and everyone is gearing for opening Memorial Day Weekend.   On Sunday a trailer load of black locust arrived, which will be used for the construction of the starting platform.  The easy part was unloading the timbers from the trailer, the hard part was moving them into the forest.  Black locust is a very dense wood, weighing over 50 lbs per square foot.  The weight of a 15 foot log 3 feet in circumference adds up quickly.  To get the logs into the forest without the use of machinery requires a bit of ingenuity, but that is what the crew from Tree-Mendous is on hand for!  They rigged a block and tackle zip line to hoist the logs into the air and move them into the forest.  Check out video to see this in action.  And no, the music was not dubbed over, this is a small glimpse into what goes on at the summit of the mountain!

Image 1

Construction has begun!





Course mapping has begun

Last week crews were out marking the locations of the courses. Actual construction is slated to begin in 3 weeks.

Construction beginning soon!

Coming soon!

Check back soon because when construction begins this winter we will post updates on the progress. Looking forward to seeing you in the spring!